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    Offline AVR UPS Future Star 400-1500VA  400-1500VA (1ph in/1ph out)
    LED/LCD Display.
    Low battery alarm.
    Auto restart while AC recover.
    Optional Smart RS-232 or USB communication port
    Line Interactive Technology.
    Pure Sine Wave Output.
    With Long Run UPS Model for option.
    Large LCD Screen.
    Online UPS Queen Star Series 1K-3KVA  1K-3KVA (1ph in/1ph out)
    0.8 Power Factor, 1Kva=0.8Kw.
    Large LCD Display.
    Zero power switch delay.
    Active input power factor correction (PFC).
    Latest Tri-level inverter control tech.
    Whole UPS with high efficiency 94%.
    Smart design with smaller size.
    Support sensitive loads like Air Conditioner.
    Online UPS Queen Star Series 6K-20KVA  6K-20KVA (1ph & 3ph in/1ph out)
    0.8 Output Power Factor.
    UPS with 1ph in/1ph out, 3ph in/1ph out.
    Digital LCD Screen.
    Active input power factor correction (PFC).
    Online UPS Queen Star Series 10K-80KVA  10K-80KVA (3ph in/3ph out)
    DSP + IGBT technology.
    Output power factor 0.8.
    Active power factor correction in all phases.
    Emergency power off function (EPO).
    Online UPS Green Star Series 1K-3KVA  1K-3KVA (1ph in/1ph out)
    Input power factor correction.
    Output power factor 0.8 • Wide input voltage(100V-300V).
    Converter mode available.
    ECO mode for energy saving.
    Online UPS Green Star Series 6K-10KVA  6K-10KVA (1ph in/1ph out)
    Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC).
    Emergency power off function (EPO)).
    3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance.
    Maintenance bypass available.
    Configurable output both 120/208/240Vac for South American Market.
    Output power factor 0.9, offering stronger load capability.
    With EPO(emergency power off).
    Dual input AC source supportable.
    Online UPS View Star Series 10K-30KVA  10K-30KVA (3ph in/1ph out)
    Capacity: 10Kva - 30Kva (3Ph in/1Ph Out).
    DSP technology guarantees high performance.
    Output Power Factor 0.8
    Generator compatible.
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