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    Auto Switch AC to DC.
    Automatic charging Function.
    Over-load protection.
    Full automatic and silent operation.
    Inverter + SCC(Solar charge controller).
    Internal automatic bypass:Yes-TBD
    Three-stage battery charge protection.
    Microprocessor controlled.
    Built-in PWM solar charge controller.
    Auto restart while AC is recovering.
    Overload and short circuit protection.
    Cold start function.
    Built-in MPPT solar charge controller.
    Compatible to mains voltage or generator power.
    Overload and short circuit protection.
    Cold start function.
    Capacity: 1000W - 6000W Single Phase.
    Charging current adjusted automatically.
    Working modes switches automatically.
    Pure Sine Wave Inverter Combined with Both AC Charger and Mppt Controller together.
    Smart Remote Control (RMT).
    Battery Temperature Sensor(BTS).
    Automatic Generator Starting(AGS).
    Support Solar Panel with MPPT Function.
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