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    Online UPS Queen Star Series 1K-3KVA  1K-3KVA (1ph in/1ph out)
    0.8 Power Factor, 1Kva=0.8Kw.
    Large LCD Display.
    Zero power switch delay.
    Active input power factor correction (PFC).
    Latest Tri-level inverter control tech.
    Whole UPS with high efficiency 94%.
    Smart design with smaller size.
    Support sensitive loads like Air Conditioner.
    Online UPS Queen Star Series 6K-20KVA  6K-20KVA (1ph & 3ph in/1ph out)
    0.8 Output Power Factor.
    UPS with 1ph in/1ph out, 3ph in/1ph out.
    Digital LCD Screen.
    Active input power factor correction (PFC).
    Online UPS Queen Star Series 10K-80KVA  10K-80KVA (3ph in/3ph out)
    DSP + IGBT technology.
    Output power factor 0.8.
    Active power factor correction in all phases.
    Emergency power off function (EPO).
    Online UPS Green Star Series 1K-3KVA  1K-3KVA (1ph in/1ph out)
    Input power factor correction.
    Output power factor 0.8 • Wide input voltage(100V-300V).
    Converter mode available.
    ECO mode for energy saving.
    Online UPS Green Star Series 6K-10KVA  6K-10KVA (1ph in/1ph out)
    Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC).
    Emergency power off function (EPO)).
    3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance.
    Maintenance bypass available.
    Configurable output both 120/208/240Vac for South American Market.
    Output power factor 0.9, offering stronger load capability.
    With EPO(emergency power off).
    Dual input AC source supportable.
    Online UPS View Star Series 10K-30KVA  10K-30KVA (3ph in/1ph out)
    Capacity: 10Kva - 30Kva (3Ph in/1Ph Out).
    DSP technology guarantees high performance.
    Output Power Factor 0.8
    Generator compatible.
    Output PF0.9.
    Advanced IGBT rectification, Power Factor Correction Function.
    High Efficient DSP Chip.
    Input power factor 0.99, Input current harmonic < 3%.
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