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The Difference Between Off Grid and On Grid Solar Power Systems

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UPSEN design and supply wholesale off the shelf and custom made Off Grid solar power systems. But what is "Off Gird" and " On Grid" anyway? And how do you (or your customers) decide what sort of system is right for you? Read on to find out.

On Grid Systems

On Grid Solar Power Systems (also known as ¡®grid tie systems¡¯ or ¡®integrated systems¡¯) are connected to the mains power supply just like a regular home. This means that mains power can still be used any time your solar panels generate less electricity than is needed, e.g. at night. In many countries, solar homes can also capitalize on times when the panels generate more electricity than is needed by selling the surplus back to the electricity company -usually at a nice profit.

On Grid Systems usually require:

¡¤ Solar panels and an appropriate mounting system.

¡¤ Grid tied solar inverter(s) and monitor(s).

¡¤ Solar cables and MC4 connectors.

¡¤ AC and DC safety isolator switches, and.

¡¤  Grounding earth cables and clamps.

Off Grid Systems

The problem is that in many countries it is either not permitted or not practical to connect on grid solar power systems to the mains utility grid.

Off Grid Solar Systems do not need to be connected to mains power. As there is no ready source of reserve power, they rely on generators or storage batteries to provide electricity on days when the solar panels generate less electricity than is required, e.g. on cloudy days or at night time. The idea is that at times when the system provides more electricity than required the surplus can be used to recharge the batteries.

Off Grid Systems normally require:

¡¤ Solar panels and a suitable solar mounting system.

¡¤ Off grid solar inverter(s).

¡¤ Solar power controller and batteries.

¡¤ Solar cables and MC4 connectors.

¡¤ AC and DC safety isolator switches, and.

¡¤ Grounding earth cables and clamps.

UPSEN Power guide to choosing off or on grid solar power system

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