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    What should I be careful when in useing inverter?

    Time: 2016-10-14   By: www.upsen.net

    1.  Use the device only with well ventilated.

    2.  Do not operate the device in a damp or wet environment.

    3.  Do not expose the device to moisture.

    4.  Avoid placing the device near sources of heat or under direct sunlight.

    5.  Always properly ground the device before operation to avoid possible electrical shock.

    6.  Keep the device and the power source (such as 12V or 24V battery) away from any inflammables to avoid possible fire or explosion.

    Note that it is normal to experience sparks during connection between the Positive (+) Terminals of the device and power source.This is caused by the current flow to charge the capacitors within the device.

    7.  A qualified specialist who is familiar with the dangers involved and aware of the relevant regulations must only carry out maintenance and repair.

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