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    What is UPS power conversion time and how to choose?

    Time: 2017-8-23   By: www.upsen.net

    UPS power supply's main function is to provide the voltage in power when the normal function and recharge the battery, when the mains failure by the battery power supply to provide ac power to the load.So from the mains switch to the battery or from the battery state the time required to switch to the mains we call UPS power conversion time or the switch time.

    Now, in general, a backup UPS power supply and conversion time on-line interactive UPS power supply, and the time value is generally less than 10 ms.DianBo micro on-line interactive UPS conversion time in 5 ms.

    According to the concept of UPS power conversion time can be seen that conversion time hope value as small as possible, now the mainstream of on-line UPS power supply adopts zero conversion time.Of course for some equipment is can withstand the transformation of the short time, as our traditional backup type and online interactive UPS also can meet the demand.

    So how do you control what UPS power conversion time choice, or which load equipment can use the conversion time of UPS, which should choose zero conversion time on-line UPS?

    In general, if the family to individuals or small office team computer use, regular backup type UPS power supply, and online interactive UPS can completely meet the needs of these groups.This can save unnecessary expenses, to some extent and avoid the waste of resources.And for large data control center, financial or banking system is a scientific research, due to the importance of the work, is particularly high on performance requirements of UPS power supply, so you should choose no conversion time on-line UPS power conversion to zero.

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